Ukraine: a 19-year-old in government with 185,000 Moneros

A politician in Ukraine has included in his financial statements that he is in possession of Monero.


In fact, the elections for the city council of Kramatorsk in which Rostislav Solod took part were recently concluded and he won by joining the city council as a deputy.


As for every public office held, the financial information of its members is published and here we can see Rostislav’s statement that he is in possession of 185 thousand Monero (XMR).

The frightening figure, which is currently around $24 million, was acquired in December 2015, when XMR was then worth $0.36, with a return today of more than 36 thousand%.


In Ukraine, an order has been issued under the name of NACP (Ukrainian National Agency on Corruption Prevention) to force the return of any crypto that everyone holds, especially if they are part of the public administration.


The declaration should not only include the type of crypto held but also the quantity, the date of purchase and the relative value of the asset held, putting in writing private information that could not be disclosed in any other way.


We remind you that with Monero’s blockchain it is also almost impossible to trace a name behind an address and it is not even possible to know the amount of XMR that each wallet holds, putting its owner away with a sort of information shield.


To the government in Ukraine with Monero

Anyway, this is good news because not only is a very young boy going to government, but he also has a crypto that is not even among the most common, like Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH).


Let’s not forget, however, that if on the one hand it is impossible to associate a wallet to a name, on the other hand there are advanced tools to track the movements of this crypto, given also the two CipherTrace patents, which are actually undermining the freedom of their users.