Today Valour launched its free ETP on bitcoin, called Bitcoin Zero, on the Nordic Growth Market Stock Exchange.

It is a financial product designed to allow individuals and institutions to invest in bitcoin in a similar way to ETFs or stocks.



Valour is based in Switzerland and focuses on investment products that provide exposure to innovative technologies.


Valour founder and director, Johan Wattenström, said:


„Our mission is to make all investments in disruptive technologies accessible. The launch of the ETP BitCoin Zero is part of this. It marks a significant step towards mainstream adoption of Bitcoin Millionaire allowing investors to diversify their portfolios and gain exposure to bitcoin, the value of which has almost tripled this year.



The Nordic MTF is part of the exchange Nordic Growth Market (NGM), based in Stockholm, and will exchange Bitcoin Zero in Euro (BTC ZERO EUR, ISIN code CH0573883474) and Swedish Krona (BTC ZERO SEK, ISIN code CH0585378661).


Bitcoin Zero is completely covered with BTC, with zero management fees and no need to worry about the preservation of the underlying.


NGM CEO Tommy Fransson added:


„Nordic Growth Market has been a dedicated partner for the development and support of the ETP market for over 15 years. At NGM we are pleased to welcome Valour and their new and innovative ETP. Digital assets are an important part of the future of financial markets, and this is a significant step towards making these products available to all investors.


Valour, the Bitcoin Zero ETP company


Valour Structured Products Inc., founded in 2019 in Zug, is a company that issues publicly traded financial products that allow retail and institutional investors to access investments in disruptive innovations in a simple and secure way.


Founders include Johan Wattenström, who created the world’s first digital asset FTE listed on the Nasdaq Nordic in 2015, and Olivier Roussy Newton, the first to place a digital asset mining company (Hive Blockchain Technologies) on the Toronto Stock Exchange in 2017.

Nordic Growth Market is one of the leading Nordic stock exchanges, with over 30 years of experience. It operates in the markets of Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway, trading over 20,000 financial products such as equities, bonds, FIAs and derivatives.

It is also a wholly owned subsidiary of Böerse Stuttgart, the leading retail exchange in Germany.