Morgan Creek and Exos file Bitcoin fund with SEC

The Bitcoin Morgan Creek-Exos fund was filed with the SEC on Thursday.


Morgan Creek and Exos Financial filed a new Bitcoin (BTC) fund with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC, on Thursday. If approved, the fund will offer institutional investors another way to hold their flagship cryptomone currency without the volatility of direct ownership.


Kevin Rooke reported Friday that Morgan Creek-Exos Risk Management’s Bitcoin fund has been filed with U.S. regulators. The fund intends to provide direct exposure to Bitcoin with built-in mechanisms to reduce allocation when quantitative signals become negative.


As Rooke reports, the fund „handles the technical details of the trading, transfer and custody of Bitcoin.


Founded by Mark Yusko, Morgan Creek Capital Management offers alternative investment products. The firm operates a digital assets division that specializes in blockchain technology and Bitcoin investments.


Exos Financial is a business-to-business institutional financing platform that has been created to offer all the services of a traditional investment bank. The company originates, markets and invests in alternative assets.