Data of 129 million people in Russia are sold by Bitcoin

Cybersecurity is the big issue at the beginning of the 21st century. For, as society becomes increasingly digital, hundreds of people around the world are organizing themselves to hack into our computers, to access our personal information, to steal our money, or to extort us in some way. This is exactly what happened to 129 million car owners in Russia, whose data is sold by Bitcoin.

What is a Coin Mixer? The friend of the hackers

The importance of network security
The Internet has brought great benefits to all of society beyond Bitcoin. It has allowed millions of people around the world to connect with each other, and to have access to all the knowledge accumulated by humanity. Creating a more prosperous, intelligent and interconnected world.

However, this same interconnection created between users seeking to share opinions, skills, and knowledge through the network. It has also been created among groups of hackers whose only objective is to break the security of user and business computers. With the aim of stealing personal data, obtaining money through scams, and even extorting money in exchange for a payment.

And on many occasions, these criminal groups have taken advantage of the same benefits offered by Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies, to demand payment from their victims in these virtual currencies. Attempting to mask their criminal activities behind the privacy and agility offered by Blockchain technology.

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Bitcoin used by hackers in Russia

This would be precisely the case of the hackers who managed to enter the database of the General Administration of Road Safety of the Russian Ministry of Interior. Extracting personal information from more than 129 million Russian car owners, according to the Russian news agency RBC.

Among the information extracted is the full name of the persons, their address, passport number, among other data. These are being sold on the black market for 0.3 BTC ($2,812 at the time of writing), a full version of the data. And for 1.5 BTC ($14,061) exclusive information contained in them.

Despite the importance of Russia’s,,,,,,,,, capabilities, it seems they have not been enough to prevent this theft of information from one of its ministries. This compromises the security of millions of people in Russia.

It also shows how cyber criminals continue to take advantage of crypto currencies for their illegal activities. Which makes this our Tip of the Day here at CryptoTrend.