Bitcoin Gemini Review – Best For New investors

Bitcoin Gemini is an exchange for cryptocurrency and custodian which gives investors access to more than 100 tokens and coins. It was founded by a group of investors in US, Bitcoin  Gemini is expanding worldwide, with a focus on Europe as well as Asia. Its offerings include major cryptocurrency projects, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum as well as smaller altcoins such as Orchid or 0x.

Bitcoin  Gemini is one of the few brokers that offer several platforms to choose from depending on the level of skill. Beginners will enjoy the user-friendly interface of Gemini’s mobile and web applications as well as advanced investors will be impressed by the many features of ActiveTrader.

Bitcoin Gemini

Alongside a variety of options for platforms, Bitcoin  Gemini users also have access to safe hot wallets for tokens to keep them safe from worrying about theft of digital assets. Find out more about the features Gemini can offer you in our comprehensive review.

Best For

  • New investors searching for an easy web and mobile application
  • Day traders seeking to employ tools for analysis of technical data
  • People looking for a single-stop-shop to purchase, sell and store their crypto


  • Sign-ups are quick and easy -You can start within five minutes
  • A variety of platforms that can allow traders of all skill levels
  • Hot wallets come with insurance to safeguard you from attacks of hacking and theft


  • The app charges both a commission and a convenience fee to users purchasing and selling on the mobile or desktop apps

Bitcoin Gemini Ratings at a Glance

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Gemini Usability
Gemini Education
Gemini Customer Support
Gemini Offerings
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Gemini Overall Rating

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Why Bitcoin Gemini?

With the industry of blockchains growing rapidly, the options for investors for exchanges that support cryptocurrency seem to increase by the minute. Although you can use an exchange for stocks like Robinhood but these exchanges significantly restrict what you can accomplish with your cryptocurrency. It is better to consider platforms such as Bitcoin Gemini. Gemini exchange. This lets you transfer crypto across wallets, gain interest on your holdings , and you can even utilize your crypto for collateral should you require it.

In comparison to other other cryptocurrency broker, Gemini offers a number of distinctive characteristics that are not available from other brokers. Safety, security offerings,, and user experience are among the top aspects you should look for when choosing the cryptocurrency exchange. Be sure the exchange you select supports the cryptocurrency you want to purchase, alternatively, you’ll need to set up an exchange account separate from additional altcoins in the future.

  • Accounts with interest bearing. Are you not looking to actively trading your currency? If you’re looking to invest in crypto over the long haul you should consider an interest-paying cryptocurrency account is an excellent option. Through staking using Gemini, the Gemini wallet you will earn anything between 2.2% to 7.4 percent annual interest for your online assets. This interest is paid via the cryptocurrency inside your wallet, which makes it simple to add the portfolio you have built.
  • A wide range of cryptocurrency options. Gemini provides support for a wide range of 48 different cryptocurrencies, which range from big ventures to small altcoins. Although there are many other exchanges that offer more variety, Gemini allows you to earn interest on your cryptocurrency positions.
  • Alerts for price changes that are dynamic. Investors on the move will appreciate the Gemini application’s alerts features, that let you be notified via push notifications when an investment you’re interested is at the price you set. You can also set up alerts to notify you whenever an asset’s price is priced to increase or decrease in a specified percentage.

Quick Summary

Tradable assets Cryptocurrency
Platform It is easy to create an account and begin making orders
Mobile app Fully-operational, mirrors desktop web-trading platform
Products The primary products are mobile and online trading as well as hot wallets that are insured. Advanced options are available to experienced investors.
Fees It varies by platform and kind of account

Bitcoin  Gemini Pricing

Gemini’s fees for trading vary based the platform you choose for investing in cryptocurrency. The majority of new investors invest through the mobile or online trading platform, which has the following charges applicable to U.S. residents:

Mobile or Web Order quantity (in dollars) Transaction fee
A little less than $10 $0.99
More than $10, but not less than $25 $1.49
More than $25, but less than $50 $1.99
$50.01 to $200 $2.99
More than $200 1.49 percent of the value of your entire order

Bitcoin Gemini also offers a convenience charge in addition to the amount you pay for the transaction fee. Bitcoin Gemini’s current fee for convenience is set at 0.50 percent of the prices of the currency you’re purchasing. You’ll find your convenience charge in the price of the coin at the time you make your purchase. Although these costs are more than other exchanges such as and Voyager but they’re substantially lower than Coinbase.

Let’s look at an illustration of how this dual fee structure is implemented. Imagine that you’d like to purchase 500 worth Bitcoin, and the current price of one bitcoin is $40,000. If you decide to place an order you’ll be presented with a price of $40,200 per Bitcoin (that’s the market priceof $40,000 plus the convenience charge of 0.50 percent).

If you submit your order Gemini will add an 1.49 percent transaction fee to the purchase, which is taken directly from your trading account. So, if you make a $500 purchase for Bitcoin that you will get $492.55 in Bitcoin according to the present rate of exchange plus the convenience charge.

Different maker-taker-style fee schedules are available to those purchasing and selling through Gemini’s API as well as ActiveTrader platforms.

Bitcoin Gemini Usability

Bitcoin Gemini’s variety of platforms offer a solution to traders of all skill levels. Let’s look at some features that you’ll be able to avail when you select Gemini to be the crypto broker.

  • A simple web exchange platform. Investors who are new will be delighted by Gemini’s simple user-friendly and easy to use web-based platform that allows you to purchase and sell cryptocurrency with only several clicks. Gemini’s interface on the desktop is simple and beautiful, offering a live overview of the market’s developments, in addition to all the tools are required in order to control your portfolio on just one screen.

Gemini’s website-based platform is a great choice for investors who are new to cryptocurrency, with easy order processing and an easy to use platform.

  • Comprehensive transaction histories. It is easy to examine your Gemini account’s basic information including history, transactions and more, and download a full list of your transactions history. This could be a significant advantage when it comes to tax time particularly for frequent and professional investors.
  • Hot wallet services that are insured. A hot wallet is a digital wallet that needs to connect to the Internet to gain access to your funds. Although some cryptocurrency investors are concerned about the security level offered by standard hot wallets their customers, Gemini’s wallets come with a variety of distinct features which make it a safe storage space for your coins and tokens. Gemini’s hot wallets work with every asset you can purchase on the Gemini platform and this means you don’t have to fret over compatibility concerns.
  • Gemini payment methods. Bank transfers and debit cards are the most common method to pay your bank account in full, and Gemini allows instant bank transfers within the UK.

Hot wallets from Gemini are protected and supported by underwriters. This isn’t often seen in hot wallets. It means that you’re safe against theft of digital assets and hacks. Most assets are stored in Gemini’s cold storage offline system. Only a small part are stored in the hot wallet that is online. Cold storage assets can be accessed immediately by investors.

Gemini Gemini team is always upgrading to add new cryptocurrency options as well as additional security featuresfor instance, Gemini was early to offer interest-bearing accounts to digital assets and continue to offer some of the highest rates of interest to their customers. Others platforms, such as Coinbase are a lot less options for earning interest on your cryptocurrency.

Alongside the standard features that will appeal to new investor, Gemini also offers a array of tools that are more sophisticated such as its complete ActiveTrader platform. The ActiveTrader platform lets you gain access to enhanced speed. The more flexible maker-taker Gemini transaction fee schedule makes the platform more affordable. Additionally, a variety of market screening and charting tools can help you analyze the market.

Additionally, Gemini withdrawal fees are absolutely free if you make fewer than 10 transactions in a month. Even so, fees are affordable and reasonable.

Bitcoin  Gemini Education

Alongside offering a beginner-friendly system, Gemini also offers a several useful resources that you can utilize to find out something about cryptocurrency prior to you make a decision to invest. Consider this as an Gemini analysis of market and the best way to make it. Let’s look at some of our top educational tools offered by Gemini.

  • 5 minute cryptocurrency guides. Are you overwhelmed by the complexity of cryptocurrency-related articles? Gemini simplifies the process of discover more about assets like Bitcoin, Chainlink and more through its easy-to-follow guides of just five minutes. The guides are divided into easy-to-understand sections and are designed with complete beginners in mind. If you’ve attempted to learn about crypto-related mechanisms but were overwhelmed by the complexities of crypto terminology Gemini’s guides are an ideal place to begin learning more about the subject.
  • Glossary of Crypto. Have you ever read an article on the latest cryptocurrency and have you come across a term or phrase you didn’t know? Gemini allows you to look up press releases, presentations and articles using its extensive cryptocurrency glossary.
  • Webinars. In addition to written materials, Gemini also offers video webinars you can watch to get a better understanding of the market. The most recent webinar topics are „Cryptocurrency 201“ and „Introduction to Ethereum.“ Gemini’s webinars are recorded prior to the event so that you can access the webinars at your own speed and at a time that works for you.

The entire library of Gemini’s education tools are free to use and you don’t even need to log in to the Gemini account to use any tool for learning or video.

Bitcoin Gemini Customer Support

Gemini offers two ways that you can utilize to reach the customer service department.

  • Through email. To contact Gemini’s customer support via email complete an online form. For the fastest and most thorough response make sure you include the email address that is associated to the Gemini account.
  • Phone. To get in contact with Gemini via phone, dial 866-240-5113.
  • Direct message. @GeminiSupport on Twitter.

Gemini’s main customer service channel is through email. Alongside coordinated support, Gemini also offers a extensive FAQ section that will help you find fast answers to the most frequently asked questions that Gemini’s customer service team gets.

Bitcoin Gemini Offerings

When you begin to learn about Gemini you’ll notice that the platform is constantly evolving. As of press time the list of tokens was quite broad. Gemini lets you gain access to more than 51 well-known cryptocurrency.

Gemini’s products are accessible on the platform, from trade on mobile devices through ActiveTrader trade on desktops. The desktop and mobile options are excellent, however it’s the interface for mobile that’s designed at beginners since the simplicity of it makes it easy to utilize. You can also make notifications through the mobile application to be informed about price fluctuations for cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Gemini Mobile App

In addition to its broad desktop options,Bitcoin Gemini also offers a user-friendly mobile application for beginners. Let’s look at some of our top features you can avail of by using the mobile application.

  • Simple and straightforward web interface. The platform’s straightforward web design is reflected in its layout in the Gemini application. Buy and sell your cryptos and see your account balances in just a few swipes.
  • Alerts to price movements that are dynamic. Gemini’s mobile app lets users to set up dynamic price alerts which notify you when a certain asset is priced at a specific. For example, you could create an alert that will be notified whenever Bitcoin’s price Bitcoin exceeds $19,000. If the conditions have been met, you’ll get an alert to your mobile. This lets you monitor your market, and to make quick trades, without having to be glued to your phone for the entire day.

Wisselreserves dalen naar dieptepunten van vóór $ 61K: 5 dingen om deze week in Bitcoin te bekijken

Hodlers zijn geduldig temidden van waarschuwingen dat een voortzetting van Bitcoin’s bull run „enige tijd“ kan duren dankzij gemengde berichten van on-chain indicatoren.

Bitcoin ( BTC ) ziet een voorzichtige start van de week, nu de macro-markten aarzelen en de Turkse valuta van de ene op de andere dag 15% van zijn waarde verliest.

Na een teleurstellend weekend met een afwijzing van $ 60.000 , heeft Bitcoin nog geen indruk gemaakt op handelaren, die de komende dagen zijwaartse actie verwachten.

CoinTelegraph bekijkt vijf factoren die van invloed kunnen zijn op hoe de prijsactie van Bitcoin evolueert naarmate een nieuwe week vordert.

Alles rustig tussen de aandelen

Het beeld over de aandelen is er maandag een van aarzeling, aangezien de bezorgdheid over de obligatierente blijft bestaan ​​en het coronavirus bijt.

Het is een bekend beeld geworden voor veel Aziatische markten die met een bescheiden beweging opengingen. Een stijging van de economische activiteit zal waarschijnlijk zorgen voor obligaties met een 10- jaarsrente op staatsobligaties van al 1,7% in de Verenigde Staten, na een snelle stijging in de afgelopen weken.

Met een andere toon onthulde China dat het meer geld te besteden had aan financiële versoepeling, iets waarvan ambtenaren beweren dat het het risico zal verminderen in plaats van er iets aan toe te voegen.

“Dit zal niet alleen zorgen voor positieve prikkels voor economische spelers, maar ook bij tot een klimaat minder kans om te paaien financiële risico’s,” Yi Gang, gouverneur van de Chinese centrale bank, de People’s Bank of China (PBoC), zei in het weekend.

Tegelijkertijd zien meerdere rechtsgebieden een terugkeer naar of voortzetting van de blokkering van het coronavirus, te midden van woede over het gebrek aan vooruitgang bij het opheffen van beperkingen op individuele vrijheden ondanks de introductie van vaccins en het begin van de lente.

Los daarvan zag de onrust voor Turkije dat zijn nationale valuta, de lira, 15% verloor zodra de handel werd geopend. De omstreden economie profiteerde niet van een dip in het sentiment nadat president Recep Tayyip Erdogan nog een andere chef van de centrale bank had ontslagen.

„Turkije kiest de slechtste tijd om de centrale bankier te ontslaan“, reageerde marktcommentator Holger Zschaepitz

“Erdogan verwijderde de havikachtige gouverneur Agbal en verving hem door een professor die zegt dat hoge rentetarieven inflatie veroorzaken. Oplopend VK-tekort, uitgeputte valutareserves en inflatie van 16% maken een valutacrisis waarschijnlijker. „

Nervous newcomers sell and long-term BTC hodlers

Nervous newcomers sell and long-term BTC hodlers show strong hands

Despite the short-term bitcoin trading spike in January, wallets that have been inactive for at least three years make up the largest segment among BTC holders.

Long-term bitcoin hodlers are not selling despite all-time highs in 2021. Nervous newbies, on the other hand, are cashing out profits.

According to Unchained Capital’s „Hodlwaves“ chart, which visually illustrates the time when BTC wallets were last Bitcoin Revolution active on the chain, there was a surge in long- and short-term activity in 2021.

Hodlwaves: Unchained Capital

The chart shows that the number of coins that have moved in the last 30 to 90 days is at its highest level since 2018. These addresses account for more than 15 percent and are currently the largest segment among BTC wallets.

Bitcoin wallets that have been inactive for between three and five years currently represent the second largest segment, accounting for 13.5 per cent of all addresses. The number of these wallets has steadily increased in 2021. It is speculated that the data includes many BTC holders who bought during 2017 and held throughout the bear market.

The proportion of wallets that have been inactive for five to ten years has shrunk over the past year

On the other hand, the number of addresses that have been inactive for at least a decade has increased from about 1.7 per cent two years ago to 10.7 per cent today.

On 11 March, Rafael Schultze-Kraft, the CTO and co-founder of on-chain crypto analytics firm Glassnode, uploaded data showing that the number of wallets that have been inactive for the past three or more years has steadily increased since the end of December.

  • 1+ year hodlers: selling
  • 2+ year hodlers: selling
  • 3+ year hodlers aka „been in a bull market before and know how this works“: stacking sats#Bitcoin

– Rafael Schultze-Kraft (@n3ocortex) March 10, 2021

However, the data shows that the percentage of bitcoin wallets that have been inactive for at least 12 months has fallen to 55 percent from a record high of nearly 65 percent in January. Almost half of bitcoin wallets have been active in the past year.

Market Roundup: Bitcoin Nästan till $ 58.000

  • Bitcoin nästan på $ 58.000.
  • Rep. Warren Davidson öppnar igen samtal för Token Taxonomy Act.
  • IoTex har nästan 300% stigning.

Bitcoin höll fast på torsdagen i sin slitbana mot $ 60.000. Detta, på klackarna av flera inköp av DEX-investeringar på flera miljoner dollar. Tether klagade tillbaka och sparkade DOT ner till sjätte plats.

Bitcoin är grundat på en episk löpning eftersom globala värdepappersföretag för digitala tillgångar fortsätter att köpa in. Med stimuluskontroller runt hörnet ser Bitcoin ut som redo att nå sin prisprognos på 60 000 dollar.

XRP förblir i topp 10, en nedgång på 2,7% idag, följt nära av Uniswap, som såg en 13% ökning på 7 dagar.

NFTs Still the Talk of Town

NFT: er går ingenstans. Efter dagens auktionsförsäljning av Beeple, som stängdes till $ 69 miljoner, verkar det som om alla lanserar tokens. Under de senaste månaderna sprängde NFT-communityn för digital konst ut på scenen och skapade nya intäktsströmmar för artister. Kändisar som Mark Cuban skapar till och med gifs av sig själva, listar dem som NFT och räknar in vinsten.

Nya samtal om kryptoreglering

Rep. Warren Davidson (R-OH) har öppnat dörren för nya diskussioner om hans signatur Token Taxonomy Act. Pressmeddelandet kommer i ett avgörande ögonblick då Bitcoin dominerar DeFi-världen. Information från utgåvan säger:

För närvarande skapar ett lapptäcke av lagar och förordningar förvirring och till och med fientlighet mot olika blockchain-företag. Utan en fungerande federal regleringsstruktur tar många företag och företagare sina företag utomlands där tydligare och vänligare lagar har etablerat blomstrande blockchain-ekonomier.

Marknadsintresset för kryptovalutor och blockchain-teknik har fortsatt att växa eftersom vissa kryptovalutor har haft en högkonjunktur i hela coronaviruspandemin och eftersom Biden-administrationen överväger huruvida de fortsätter att reglera privata digitala plånböcker som har startats av Trump-administrationen.

IoTeX (IOTX) Hits All Time High

IoTex samarbetade nyligen med Amazon Web Services Partner Network (APN) för att hantera molnlagring och back-end-teknik för UCam i Kina. Sedan deras samarbete har IoTex varit i brand och nått sin högsta nivå den 12 mars.

IoTex gör fantastiska saker. Enligt deras webbplats:

IoTeXs uppdrag är att möjliggöra ett gränslöst ekosystem där människor och maskiner kan interagera med garanterat förtroende, fri vilja och integritet. Vi ser för oss en framtid där användare, inte institutioner, har fullständig kontroll över sina enheter och data. Inga påträngande annonser eller övervakning, bara integritet och sinnesro. Vi kallar denna vision Internet of Trusted Things.

The day Bitcoin collapsed to a dime

The Crash of the Century – Bitcoin’s history since its inception by Satoshi Nakamoto has been anything but a long quiet river. It is difficult to assess the value of this incredible new form of totally decentralized currency, without intermediaries and resistant to censorship. His crazy price rises were often followed by sharp drops, and this from his early years.

June 2011: the end of Bitcoin’s first bull run

You have to go back almost 10 years ago to better understand the gradual decrease in the insane volatility of Bitcoin (BTC), and also to see its fantastic trend of exponential growth over the long term.

In May and especially June 2011 , the price of BTC suddenly started to soar . While the price had stagnated desperately for a long time between $ 1 and $ 2 per BTC , it quickly rose above 6, then 8, then 10 dollars, until it literally skyrocketed to 32 dollars a unit .

But a few days later, on June 18, 2011 , nothing is going well. It was the biggest price drop in Bitcoin history (in percentage terms). The price of BTC which had already come down well, around 18 dollars, experienced a flash crash that day which brought it for a moment to… 0.01 dollars!

A revival of madness: how to achieve +153,000% in 1 minute?

The smart ones of the time who would have had the chance to buy for example 1000 dollars of these bitcoins at 1 cent, during this short period of time, would have seen this sum turn into 1.53 million dollars!

Indeed, this ultra-sale price lasted so short that we do not even see it on most charts of this period: barely 2 or 3 minutes later, the price of BTC had already returned to around 15 , 30 dollars … Enough to become an express millionaire .

Bitcoin’s history shows that, despite its volatility from the start, its price has not stopped skyrocketing over the years.

A nice + 153,000% to be made on the price of BTC – Source: BitcoinChannel (YouTube)
You can relive the incredible thrill ride that Bitcoin was in the full video of this 2011 flash crash below.

This event reminds us that, even if some still consider Bitcoin’s volatility to be too high, it has never stopped falling since the creation of the cryptocurrency. Its growing adoption, which took its total valuation to $ 1 trillion recently, is proof of Bitcoin’s immense success. As soon as we take a step back, we can only note its irresistible rise over the years.

Ripple: (again) a new trial for the company

A new lawsuit has just been added to the three that have already been brought against the Ripple company. Communications from the company remain largely positive, however, and the watchword is trust. Will this be enough?

Ripple facing a new trial

Ripple’s new trial is from Florida. Investor Tyler Toomey is seeking justice for reasons similar to those put forward by other plaintiffs who accuse Ripple at this time. The official document explains as follows:

„[Ripple] has sold millions of dollars (or more) of XRP tokens, which are securities according to the laws of Florida , from Florida investors, without saving as such s the authorities. “

The man accuses Ripple of having sold Bitcoin Evolution in a massive way to continue to be profitable:

“The majority of Ripple’s revenue comes from XRP sales (over $ 1 billion) and Ripple has relied on those sales to fund its operations. “

In addition, Brad Garlinghouse is appointed directly. He is also accused of having encouraged investors to buy XRP, while he himself was making a fortune by selling his assets . According to the prosecution, he would have deliberately manipulated the price on several occasions:

“Between April 2017 and December 2019, Brad Garlinghouse also paused his sales of XRP because the price was dropping, trying not to push the market price down further. “

In the west, nothing is new

Nothing new therefore for this trial, which is in line with the other accusations against Ripple. Bradley Sostack sued the company for similar reasons in 2018. Since then, the SEC has dealt the biggest blow to the company , last December. It had triggered a wave of delisting for XRP. More recently, Tetragon had also attacked Ripple , wanting to buy back its shares in the company.

Brad Garlinghouse was however reassuring in an official communication published in recent days. Drawing a generally positive result for the year 2020, he recalls that the company has landed 15 new clients since the SEC trial , a sign that Ripple continues to be attractive:

“Client interest around the world remains very high – the team continues to get 2 new clients per week, in over 40 countries. “

XRP that does not rise

It is true that the strength of Ripple, whose XRP has long been the third most important cryptocurrency in terms of capitalization, prevents it from diving too deep. But will it last?

Since the announcement of the SEC, the active Ripple has lost – 50% of its value . XRP is worth $ 0.26 this morning, and the cryptocurrency’s market cap, at $ 12 billion, is now more widely surpassed than Polkadot’s DOT, at $ 15 billion. The coming months are therefore going to be particularly crucial for Ripple and XRP.

Le nouveau rapport sur le prix du bitcoin 2021 prévoit les risques et les opportunités

Quelle est la valeur réelle de bitcoin, et quelles sont ses projections de prix à long terme ?


La nouvelle analyse AAX „Bitcoin in 2021“ offre aux investisseurs un regard au-delà de l’horizon.

Des taux d’infection aux votes électoraux, 2020 a été l’année des graphiques, des diagrammes et des chiffres – le prix du bitcoin inclus.

Non seulement la monnaie cryptographique originale a été l’un des premiers actifs à se remettre du krach boursier de mars, mais elle a depuis, à plusieurs reprises, fait sourciller, battant record après record. Après une correction au cours du week-end et aujourd’hui, le Bitcoin Pro est toujours évalué à plus de 35 000 dollars US.


Ben Caselin AAX Responsable de la recherche et de la stratégie


Mais comme pour tous les chiffres, il y a une histoire derrière eux. Dans le cas du bitcoin, c’est une histoire sur l’auto-préservation, la propriété et la liberté. C’est une histoire de changement.


Pour ceux qui ont été actifs dans le domaine de la cryptographie depuis les premières années, le récit autour du bitcoin n’est pas nouveau. Le protocole bitcoin a été lancé il y a 12 ans ce mois-ci, dans le sillage de la crise financière mondiale, par un individu ou un groupe qui utilisait Satoshi Nakamoto comme pseudonyme. Il s’agit d’une monnaie rare, divisible, fongible et disponible sur Internet, volontairement maintenue par un réseau mondial sécurisé de mineurs. En outre, son adoption pourrait potentiellement révolutionner les services financiers.


Bitcoin fête ses 12 ans : trois moments clés dans la vie de la première cryptographie au monde


Les grandes histoires, cependant, évoluent au fur et à mesure qu’elles se déroulent, et c’est peut-être le bon moment pour prendre du recul et réévaluer l’intrigue. Comment peut-on penser au bitcoin aujourd’hui, qu’est-ce qui motive son essor ? Le bitcoin n’est-il qu’un battage publicitaire, et à quoi pouvons-nous nous attendre à l’avenir ?


Ce sont quelques-unes des questions que nous avons abordées dans notre dernier document de recherche sur les perspectives du bitcoin en 2021. J’aimerais profiter de cette occasion pour vous faire part de nos réflexions et de nos conclusions.

De l’émergence à l’adoption


L’impressionnant retour sur investissement de Bitcoin sur 10 ans de 9 000 000 % et le précédent record de 20 000 $ US ont souvent été mis en avant comme ses plus belles réussites. Certes, ces chiffres ont servi à susciter l’intérêt du grand public, mais outre les mouvements de prix, il ne faut pas oublier que les 10 premières années de Bitcoin sont également marquées par l’émergence d’une industrie, d’un écosystème et d’un discours entièrement nouveaux.


Après le pic de bitcoin et la vente qui a suivi fin 2017, alors que la peur et le doute s’emparaient des marchés, beaucoup d’entre nous dans l’industrie ont vu une opportunité de passer à l’étape suivante. La participation actuelle des investisseurs institutionnels au marché du bitcoin n’est pas une surprise : elle a été anticipée et préparée.


Comme nous l’avons appris d’un récent rapport de Forkast sur les actifs numériques, parrainé par l’AAX, ces dernières années ont été marquées par une évolution rapide des infrastructures de marché, des services de garde, des fonds de cryptologie monétaire, des rampes d’accès et de sortie, des produits dérivés, de la réglementation et de l’essor des bourses de cryptage de qualité institutionnelle. Il est facile de voir une trajectoire claire avec le recul, mais il est bon de se rappeler que lorsque bitcoin a été lancé pour la première fois, à l’exception d’une communauté de niche en ligne d’informaticiens et d’enthousiastes, il n’était sur le radar de personne. Il n’y avait pas de plan de marketing ni de stratégie commerciale. Mais le lancement a offert une vision convaincante d’un système économique alternatif qui ne serait pas entravé par les inefficacités du système existant. Peut-être plus important encore, l’émergence de bitcoin a été le moteur de l’innovation et d’un discours convaincant sur l’agence financière, la vie privée et la véritable propriété.


Il ne fait aucun doute que dans un monde en proie à une crise de santé publique, associée à des mesures de verrouillage, des interdictions de voyager, une forte impression de monnaie et des taux d’intérêt négatifs, et où des entreprises technologiques telles que Twitter et Facebook ont fait l’objet d’une surveillance intense, la dévaluation de la monnaie, les restrictions de liberté et la perte de la souveraineté numérique suscitent des inquiétudes croissantes. C’est la recette parfaite pour une flambée des prix du bitcoin, et à ce titre, il n’est pas surprenant d’apprendre que les Américains convertissent leurs premiers chèques de relance en monnaie de cryptographie au début de 2020 plutôt que de garder l’argent en dollars ou de le dépenser.


L’événement „cygne noir“ de Bitcoin : les investisseurs doivent-ils s’inquiéter ?


La différence, c’est que les investisseurs institutionnels se sont ralliés à l’histoire des bitcoins. De grandes entreprises et des investisseurs institutionnels tels que l’université de Harvard, Square et le milliardaire Paul Tudor Jones ont ajouté des bitcoins à leurs portefeuilles, ce dernier comparant l’achat de bitcoins à un investissement précoce dans Apple ou Google. Et tout récemment, le PDG de Blackrock – la plus grande société de gestion d’actifs au monde – est allé jusqu’à dire que le bitcoin pourrait éventuellement se transformer en un actif sur le marché mondial.


Le PDG de Microstrategy, Michael Sailor, l’a bien expliqué en soulignant que des sociétés particulièrement riches en liquidités comme Tesla et Apple voient leurs réserves de liquidités perdre de la valeur chaque jour, et qu’une allocation à un actif en appréciation qui est rare et très demandé est une action tout à fait sensée à entreprendre.

Quelle est la valeur réelle de bitco

NUTS Finance integriert RenVM, um den kettenübergreifenden Austausch von BTC zu optimieren

NUTS Finance integriert RenVM, um den kettenübergreifenden Austausch von BTC zu optimieren
Ren, ein offenes Protokoll, das die Wertbewegung zwischen Blockchains ermöglicht, hat die nächste Integration von RenVM in NUTS Finance, ein DAO für Blockchain-Entwicklung , angekündigt .

acBTC, NUTS first dApp unterstützt jetzt native BTC-Einzahlungen über RenJS

Diese neue Funktion optimiert den kettenübergreifenden BTC-Prozess und die Prägung von acBTC in einer einzigen Transaktion und bietet hier online den Benutzern eine optimale Erfahrung.

acBTC ist eine zusammengesetzte Bitcoin-Lösung auf Ethereum, die ERC20 BTC vereint, um die Benutzerfreundlichkeit und Interoperabilität über Blockchain-Netzwerke hinweg zu maximieren

Das acBTC-Ökosystem integriert native Bitcoin- und ERC20-BTC mit einem Swap, Spar- und Leih-Apps in einem sicheren, effizienten und nutzbaren Standard

„RenVM bietet eine nahtlose Benutzererfahrung für die Überbrückung der BTC-Liquidität mit dem Ethereum-Netzwerk in einer Umgebung ohne Berechtigung. Wir freuen uns darauf, die robuste Produktsuite von Ren weiter zu nutzen, um die Akzeptanz und Benutzerfreundlichkeit von ERC20 BTC zu verbessern. “

– Terry Lam, Mitbegründer von NUTS Finance

Ukraine: a 19-year-old in government with 185,000 Moneros

A politician in Ukraine has included in his financial statements that he is in possession of Monero.


In fact, the elections for the city council of Kramatorsk in which Rostislav Solod took part were recently concluded and he won by joining the city council as a deputy.


As for every public office held, the financial information of its members is published and here we can see Rostislav’s statement that he is in possession of 185 thousand Monero (XMR).

The frightening figure, which is currently around $24 million, was acquired in December 2015, when XMR was then worth $0.36, with a return today of more than 36 thousand%.


In Ukraine, an order has been issued under the name of NACP (Ukrainian National Agency on Corruption Prevention) to force the return of any crypto that everyone holds, especially if they are part of the public administration.


The declaration should not only include the type of crypto held but also the quantity, the date of purchase and the relative value of the asset held, putting in writing private information that could not be disclosed in any other way.


We remind you that with Monero’s blockchain it is also almost impossible to trace a name behind an address and it is not even possible to know the amount of XMR that each wallet holds, putting its owner away with a sort of information shield.


To the government in Ukraine with Monero

Anyway, this is good news because not only is a very young boy going to government, but he also has a crypto that is not even among the most common, like Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH).


Let’s not forget, however, that if on the one hand it is impossible to associate a wallet to a name, on the other hand there are advanced tools to track the movements of this crypto, given also the two CipherTrace patents, which are actually undermining the freedom of their users.

Today Valour launched its free ETP on bitcoin, called Bitcoin Zero, on the Nordic Growth Market Stock Exchange.

It is a financial product designed to allow individuals and institutions to invest in bitcoin in a similar way to ETFs or stocks.



Valour is based in Switzerland and focuses on investment products that provide exposure to innovative technologies.


Valour founder and director, Johan Wattenström, said:


„Our mission is to make all investments in disruptive technologies accessible. The launch of the ETP BitCoin Zero is part of this. It marks a significant step towards mainstream adoption of Bitcoin Millionaire allowing investors to diversify their portfolios and gain exposure to bitcoin, the value of which has almost tripled this year.



The Nordic MTF is part of the exchange Nordic Growth Market (NGM), based in Stockholm, and will exchange Bitcoin Zero in Euro (BTC ZERO EUR, ISIN code CH0573883474) and Swedish Krona (BTC ZERO SEK, ISIN code CH0585378661).


Bitcoin Zero is completely covered with BTC, with zero management fees and no need to worry about the preservation of the underlying.


NGM CEO Tommy Fransson added:


„Nordic Growth Market has been a dedicated partner for the development and support of the ETP market for over 15 years. At NGM we are pleased to welcome Valour and their new and innovative ETP. Digital assets are an important part of the future of financial markets, and this is a significant step towards making these products available to all investors.


Valour, the Bitcoin Zero ETP company


Valour Structured Products Inc., founded in 2019 in Zug, is a company that issues publicly traded financial products that allow retail and institutional investors to access investments in disruptive innovations in a simple and secure way.


Founders include Johan Wattenström, who created the world’s first digital asset FTE listed on the Nasdaq Nordic in 2015, and Olivier Roussy Newton, the first to place a digital asset mining company (Hive Blockchain Technologies) on the Toronto Stock Exchange in 2017.

Nordic Growth Market is one of the leading Nordic stock exchanges, with over 30 years of experience. It operates in the markets of Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway, trading over 20,000 financial products such as equities, bonds, FIAs and derivatives.

It is also a wholly owned subsidiary of Böerse Stuttgart, the leading retail exchange in Germany.